Therasage Holistic Health Essentials Bundle

High- Quality, Full Spectrum Infrared Healing Products

Here's what is included in the Holistic Health Essentials Bundle Special Offer:

Therasage Thera360 PLUS Portable Infrared Sauna

The Therasage exclusive Tri-LiteTM panels generating Red Light and Near Infrared from
each high powered, medical grade light diode.

Therasage takes Personal Saunas to the next level with the world’s only Red Light, Near
and Far Infrared Portable and Affordable Sauna. Incorporating negative ions and

earthing technology, eliminating exposure to harmful EMF, ELF, RF’s, temperature-
controlled, and made with natural bamboo materials, it is like no other!!

TheraProtect EMF Cell Phone Chips

Each TheraHarmonizer Chip is programmed in a particular sequence, for no less than
24 hours, with the use of specialized equipment that imprint longitudinal
electromagnetic waves onto an unequaled medium that is impervious to outside
influences that degrade its effectiveness. Our Home Harmonizer incorporates
chroma-therapy, with the color green due to its’ meaningful impact on the natural
energy of our body. Studies suggest that the color green has positive effects
because it’s associated to the color of life, nature, renewal, harmony, growth, fertility,
environment freshness and safety.

TheraH2O Water Pitcher

TheraH2O purifies your water from fluoride, lead, contaminates, particulates,
pharmaceuticals, through a natural process. However, what really makes us different
than all other purification systems, is how we enhance the energetic quality of the water
to make it the most bio-compatible water ready available to improve cellular health.
TheraH2O employs multiple natural earth-stone technological advancements to make
the water alkaline, energetically balance, and alter the PH towards alkaline,(7.2-7.4) to
take on the qualities of “living water”. TheraH2O utilizes InfraRed frequency infusion to
restructure and reorder TheraH2O water. All in all, TheraH2O is the best cellular
hydration and water purification system on the market today. Stay hydrated and healthy
with TheraH2O.

TheraO3 Ozone Module

Ozone therapy is an alternative approach that is a very effective way to increase the amount of oxygen in the body and especially the blood concentration, through cellular infusion introduction of ozone. Adding the TheraO3 Ozone Module to your Infrared sauna session enhances the absorption of the ozone through your skin 8-10 times, thus increasing your blood oxygenation levels. Enhanced Oxygen treatment can quickly improve the function of the immune system, help detoxify the body & kill off harmful pathogens. It also has been known to enhance hair and nails grow stronger, longer and faster. Enriched Oxygen treatments may help your skin take on a renewed healthy glow. Enhanced Oxygen in your blood can give you more physical energy and improve your ability to fall asleep faster and easier, with reports of more restful sleep as well.