The Real Deal: Happiness in Action

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the
present.” –Jim Rohn

Now you may be thinking, “Cool stories Cary but how do they apply to me? How can I actually
Happy Hustle for myself? How can I implement goal setting into my everyday life to achieve
happiness?” Well, I’m so glad you subconsciously asked 😉 Here is the deal…

Start Small – Do 1 thing every day consistently that you know will help get you closer to your

Example: If you want to lose weight or get stronger, then drink a healthy green smoothie every
day for breakfast and say no to the egg mcmuffin or fast food garbage. That smoothie every
morning could be the 1 thing consistently that makes a positive impact and helps get you closer
to achieving your goal. More on this later on in the Happy Hustlin Your Health chapter.  I know,
it’s not trigonometry here but doing 1 thing every day consistently that you know will help get
you closer to your goal is essential nonetheless…

Darren Hardy brilliantly describes the value of starting small with daily actions in his bestseller,
“The Compound Effect.” A must read if you haven’t already read it. In a nutshell, it states that
over time, your habits and actions compound, ultimately dictating the outcome of your life. So, if
you choose to stop at Starbucks every morning on the way to work instead of making coffee or
tea at your house, that $5 purchase will add up! (5 days a week x $5 x 52 weeks = $1,300) Or if
you choose to have a soda with lunch or smoke a cigarette or insert any unhealthy habit here, that
shit adds up over time to an unhealthy body and life! Point being: The Compound Effect.

CHOICE (decision) + BEHAVIOR (action) + HABIT (repeated action) + COMPOUNDED
(time) = GOALS (YOUR reality)

I love this equation by Dan Hardy. It simply articulates how we achieve our goals or not. And
achieving our goals directly affects our happiness. It starts small with our choices and decisions
on a second by second basis. Think about it, if you are crossing the street and for a split second
you decide not to look one way, and there is a car coming, your whole life could change in an
instant. I know, a harsh example, but the reality is that the small daily decisions or choices that
we make, or choose not to make (like looking both ways before crossing the road), all add up and
affect our reality.

Be deliberate when deciding which actions to perform. For me, it helps to keep a clearly defined
statement of my goals on a piece of paper in my pocket. When making decisions, I use my goals
and achievements as a gauge for the small daily choices that I make and the actions that I take. If
the choice or action at hand does not ultimately get me closer to achieving my goal, I do not do
it. If the choice does not reflect positively on my past achievements, then I choose otherwise.
Now, there are ways to rationalize nearly any action. For instance, you might think: “If I go out
tonight, I could potentially meet the love of my life or my future business partner.” But if I
stayed home and was productive towards my goals, I would gett enough sleep and wake up early

to greet the day tomorrow. The point is to be real with yourself and think through your choices.
Make sure your actions reflect your desired outcome.

Make sure your actions reflect your desired outcome.

Routine Building – Structure your schedule in an order that aligns with the goals you wish to

Example: Let’s say your goal is to make more money or to get out of debt. Then I suggest that
each day you schedule something to do with building wealth and stronger personal finances into
your routine. You could learn from financially abundant individuals, read books about money
and budgeting, and educate yourself on the stock market, etc. When I was in debt, I remember
reading nothing but books on how to get out of debt and began implementing all of their lessons
into my routine. Within a year, I was debt-free!

Building and implementing a positive routine is essential for success. Find a way to compound
your daily actions and create a set routine that will show you’re consistently committing to
achieving your goals. A routine will help keep you organized and disciplined. But you ask,
“Cary, how do I create and set a routine when my life is ever-changing?” I get it, things are
constantly popping up every day that need attention. Your dog needs to go to the vet. Your kid
gets sick. You need to be somewhere unexpected for work. All viable reasons to alter your
schedule. But with a set routine, we can plug those attention grabbing, last minute pop-ups into
their necessary places within our day therefore we don’t get thrown completely off cycle.

Let’s begin by taking stock on your current routine or lack of. What do you do every day? What
are the “good actions” that consistently move you closer to your goals and happiness?
What are the “bad actions” that draw you further away? Your daily routine should be
focused on what “good actions” give you the most joy while simultaneously getting you closer to
conquering your goals. Create a schedule full of these “good actions.” Sure, nobody is perfect.
We all have guilty pleasures that may fall under the “bad action” category. For some reason
(maybe my ADHD, don’t we all have it these days…) I tend to get distracted and for sure have
“shiny object syndrome” where I chase anything that resembles an opportunity. To keep this
“bad action” of getting distracted from becoming part of my routine, I set up website, social
media, and app blockers on my devices so that I can focus on work. Try the apps Self Control or
Freedom ( & if you struggle with distractions as

Use your routine to focus on the essential tasks. Set it and get it every day by having a schedule
that supports you and your goals. Were going to take a moment to really develop a winning

What does your morning routine currently look like? What do you do when you first open your
eyes in the morning? Do you reach for your phone and scroll Facebook or Instagram? Or do you
read over your goals and meditate? Every action and decision from the moment you wake up to
the moment you shut your eyes at night affect your routine. We all have the same 24 hours in a
day. Those who are successful, financially abundant, and have the freedom to do what they
want, when they want, and how they want to just use their time more effectively. Maybe
you have heard all this before. Heck, maybe you have even created a scheduled routine in the

past, but for whatever reason, you didn’t stick with it. Well, now it’s time to get the results you
want. You’ve read this far, so I’m assuming you are serious about personal development and
Happy Hustlin’. I’m here to help you. Let’s create your ideal routine RIGHT NOW. The one that
gets you closer to achieving your goals each day, with every action.

Tomorrow morning and every morning after, prime yourself with the following so you will wake
up with PURPOSE ready to KICK ASS.

After you fill in your responses, repeat the following out loud (despite how cheesy or awkward
you feel)—affirmations is the name of the game).

My Long-Term #1 Goal is to (Think 10 years from today, what is the most important thing you
want to have or have accomplished):

My Short-Term #1 Goal is to (Think 1 month from today, what is the most important thing you
want to have or have accomplished) :

Today is going to be a FABULOUS DAY because (Think 1 reason why):

I am grateful for (minimum 3 things):

You should repeat these items out loud, even into the mirror if you feel so inclined, and then let
out a YEE YEEIII!!! (this is my signature rebel yell, try it 😉

Now, together, let’s create your routine. Remember results (not activity) oriented! Time-block
your routine with result categories. Let me say I usually parlay the time-blocking with the
Pomodoro Technique, essentially 45 minutes of focused, deliberate work, 15 minute break.
Sometimes I switch it up, 25 minutes focused, 5 minute break. Just depends on what I’m doing…
Here’s the routine template structure!

Wake-Up Time: ___________________
The 1st  block
RESULT: Self-Love.
30 min – 1 hr

The 2nd block
RESULT: Long-Term Goal/Most Important Task. The one that requires the most creativity.
Work towards what’s important in your future. Where you want to be.
1 hr – 2 hrs

Food Fuel: A high-protein, light meal with greens, potentially with low carbs (if you’re not
gluten-free that is). Eggs with veggies, whole-grain toast, nuts, fruit. Think sustainable energy.
Or just skip breakfast all together and fast. There are huge benefits to fasting and especially
when you condense your eating window to 8hrs (lunch-dinner).

The 3rd block
RESULT: Short-Term Goal. The one that requires action such as (phone calls, emails, etc.) An
activity that moves the needle closer to achieving your goal this month.
1 hr – 2 hrs

The 4th block
RESULT: Make Money. Career, Temporary Job, Daily Hustle, Errands, etc.
1 hr – 5 hrs

Everyone will have different tasks and the time duration will vary accordingly. But realize that
by following this routine, you already will have accomplished activities for your personal long
and short-term goal before you even started your J O B.

Food Fuel: I always recommend something green for lunch. Too heavy of a mid-day meal will
slow you down for the rest of the day. Stay up, eat a salad.

The 5th block
RESULT: Increase Health.
30 min – 1 hr (can be done in the morning if preferred)

If you want to reach your full potential and hustle for your happiness, you need to make sure you
are taking care of yourself! You don’t need an elaborate workout. FYI: I rarely ever go to the
gym. If you want to know, I just use high-intensity movements and isometrics (body-weight
exercises) compounded in a short time frame to break a sweat and increase my heart rate. You
don’t need to spend much time if you use it effectively. So whether you do yoga or weightlifting,
make time to do something for your health EVERY DAY. More on Happy Hustlin’ Health

The 6th block
RESULT: Connection.
1 hr or more

Connect with those who you care about. Your family, your friends, your loved ones. What is it
all for if you don’t have people who you care about with you on the journey? Make sure your
routine allows for connection without an agenda.

Food Fuel: Your most substantial meal of the day. Protein, carbs, vegetables. If you eat meat, it
should be under 40% of your meal. Eat at least 3 hours before bed time.

The 7th block
RESULT: Reflect. Get clear on your objectives tomorrow, read, wind-down, watch a movie
(not always but treat yourself if you earned it)
30 minutes – 2 hrs
Sleep: Unplug your wifi. No phones in bed. Read or meditate. 7-8 hours recommended.

Example of My Routine:

1st Block
15 min: Stretch. Get the blood flowing. Do something that activates the neuro-cortex.
5 min: Apple Cider Vinegar, Fresh Lemon Juice, Pink Himalyan Salt in Molecular Hydrogren
enriched water. Take Vitamins. Make coffee (with MCT Oil and grass fed butter) or tea.
25 min: Read a powerful, informative book or listen to inspirational motivations.
15 min: Journal, write daily Attitude of Gratitude and To-Dominate list.

2nd Block
Goal: Lead a movement, change lives by sharing my message.
1 hr: Write content. Create.

3rd Block
Goal: Acquire customers for online business.
30 min: Relationship building activity—phone calls, direct message, etc.
30 min: Emails, respond and send.

4th Block
2 hr: Photoshoot
1 hr: Casting call
1 hr: Online business work

5th Block
45 min: Exercise, martial arts, isometrics (body weight activity—pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups,
handstands, planks, etc.)

6th Block
1 hr: Activity with my lover, call Madre or Padre, brainstorm with Grant, talk to Megan

7th Block
1 hr: Read, watch inspiring informative documentary, journal list, tomorrow’s plan of action

That is a basic overview of how you can block your routine. You don’t have to follow this
outline to the T, but instead, I would recommend you create one that works for you! Take the
time and write out your routine with result-specific time blocks.
When going after any goal, it is vital to use every advantage you can to stay motivated and on
track. Vision reminders allow us to continually think about our goal and manifest its
accomplishment into reality.

Vision Reminders: Post notes, pictures, or other items that remind you of what your goal is in as
many places as possible. You can’t hit a target that you can’t see. It is vital to visualize exactly
what you want in order to achieve it.

Example: Lets say again your goal is to optimize your health and fitness. Write your goal or an
inspiring quote on your bathroom mirror in washable marker, put your workout gloves on the
dashboard of your car; carry around a picture of your desired physique in your purse or wallet,

Physical, visible reminders trick the subconscious parts of our brain into being attentive as to
what we desire. Constant reminders as to what we want. Be clear when using vision reminders.
Utilize imagery, text, quotes, heck even tchotchkes (like a little hula girl), etc., anything that
actually references your goals and happiness. To paraphrase, “A millionaire looks at their goals
once a day, a billionaire looks at their goals twice a day.” Always keep in mind the proper
material to earn your happy.

If you don’t know this story already, here’s a spark note’s version of a vision reminder and the
power of the law of attraction. Jim Carrey famously wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars
for “acting services rendered” when he was dead broke. He dated the check for Thanksgiving
1995. He put it in his wallet, and it deteriorated from looking at it daily. And then just before
Thanksgiving 1995, he found out he was going to make 10 million dollars for his role in
“Dumber and Dumber.” He put that check in his father’s casket when he passed, as that was their
dream together.

Create vision reminders!

Self-limiting beliefs

We all have negative self-talk, and an “inner-villain” as author and entrepreneur Dean Graziosi
likes to say. In order to achieve happiness through the act of pursuing your goal, you must start
by removing the self-limiting beliefs you tell yourself. Many of us have self-limiting beliefs
halting our happiness and progress. I know because I have had them and still have a couple. One,
in particular, is: I don’t do something for fear of what others may think. Now, this doesn’t
happen as frequently as it used to, for I have adopted Richard Branson’s “screw it, just do it”
approach but at some level, we are all self-conscious beings. This has stopped me from doing
what I want deep down on more than one occasion. Paralysis by Analysis can be a devastating
problem. Don’t let overthinking get in the way. Diving too deep into your reasoning can be
troublesome. Ratherm, let action tell the tale. Action either way will provide a more fruitful
learning experience than stagnant scrutiny.

Happy Hustle Hack: As tough as it is, we must not worry about what others think and do
what we believe to be best for ourselves.

Take the time now to identify your most prominent self-limiting belief. What do you tell yourself
that isn’t serving you? Do you think you cannot lose weight because of your genetics? Do you
think because you didn’t get straight A’s in school that you’re not smart enough to start your
own business? Do you think that because your parents were good parents that you won’t be?
What is holding you back? We may have internally heard the limiting belief so much, we begin
to believe it to be true. Know that it is not. You must quit (and I hardly ever use that word) your
“stinking thinking,” as Zig Ziglar says. Your happiness depends on identifying these toxic
beliefs and ridding them from your psyche.

Write your # 1 self-limiting belief now.


Knowing your self-limiting belief, you can now actively counteract its effect. From here on out,
whenever this belief arises in your head, I want you to instantly think of this book, your goal, and
Jim Carrey persevering (heck, anything we can do to push forward.) I know, it can be difficult,
but when that self-limiting belief comes up, we must shoot it down as soon as possible. No
excuses. Don’t allow your inner-villain to hold you back any longer!

The stress brought on by these self-limiting beliefs can be extreme and daunting. The fear from
not getting the results you desire can paralyze you into inaction. It can continue to build and
build until you just are stuck in the quicksand of your toxic mind. I have seen it in my own life.
When I am “trying” but not achieving, it is because I have doubt. It is because I’m caught up
listening to my own bullshit. That little voice in my head won’t shut up again. In order to push
past the poisonous thoughts, I choose to commit to loving myself and the work that I’m doing. I
recognize the fears and instead of giving them power over me, I lean in further to the task at
hand, with positive affirmations all the way through. Now it is important to investigate these
fears root cause but then ultimately stepping past the fear and self-limiting beliefs into a world of
unlimited possibilities.

Hustle Hack: Rid your vocabulary of the word “try.” It is a toxic word and has no place in your
world. You either do, or you don’t do, never “try.” This alone could be a game-changer for
you. If you implement this mentality, in everything big and small in your life, you will see
quantum results.

I know we covered a lot in this chapter but just focus on DOING. Focus on positive self-talk
rather than self-limiting beliefs. Focus on your vision reminders. Focus on your routine and
doing the little things every day. Moment to moment decisions have a massive impact over
time. And “try” no more. Just do. Or don’t. Let the compound effect work in your favor. Your “I
can” is more important than your IQ. This is the Happy Hustlers way. If you believe, anything
is possible.

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