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With Cary Jack

I’ve been a banana suit wearing smoothie barista, a fancy suit wearing NYC tech-entrepreneur, and many things in between having had quite the humbling journey. However it wasn’t until I fell victim to the ever-growing entrepreneurial burnout that I realized the sheer importance of work-life balance. In fact, I now live by the mantra — “BALANCE equals HAPPINESS” — and I bet you will too after reading this book.

You see, I was working 100+ hour weeks, getting roughly 5 hours of sleep, and grindin’ my face off — all for profit and success. But after my brother and I landed the 7-figure VC funding deal through major partnerships with Microsoft and IBM for our innovative tech startup, I felt completely unfulfilled. So after many tears and a gut-wrenching conversation, we made a massive pivot. We said no to the funding deal, scrapped years of hard work, folded the company, and I moved to Bangkok, Thailand for 10 months. It was there where I figured out a better way to work and live in alignment, a way to find happiness within the hustle. And that is how The Happy Hustle was born. This book signifies the replicable journey that just about anyone (but especially entrepreneurs) who struggles with imbalance and unhappiness can emulate to transform their reality into a blissfully balanced life.

I condensed my life down into 10 Alignments) and every week I quantify how I did in each of these areas. Then I prioritize change accordingly — because I believe thats what you measure, you can manage. The 10 Alignments have completely transformed my life, and have helped thousands of other Happy Hustlers’ transform their realities. This framework will help you quantify and achieve a blissful balance, both personally and professionally. The 10 Alignments of a Happy Hustler make up the acronym S.O.U.L.M.A.P.P.I.N.
“When you can learn to find happiness within the daily hustle, you have created the power to do anything in your life.The real challenge is can you learn to fall in love with the “take the stairs” part, the things that other people are not willing to do. That’s what this book is all about, providing you a roadmap to create your dream reality.”

Rory Vaden - New York Times Bestselling Author Hall of Fame Speaker, Co-Founder of Brand Builders Group

John Lee Dumas - Founder and Host of award-winning podcast Entrepreneurs On Fire, Bestselling Author

“Happy Hustlin’ to me means getting up every single day, improving your health, improving your wealth, and loving doing every aspect of that. That’s what this book represents.”
“There is always a peak to that mountain top and it’s beautiful at the top, but it is also really beautiful along the way. The Happy Hustle is taking it all in and truly enjoying the journey as you rise up.”

Danette May - America’s leading healthy lifestyle expert, Bestselling Author,Co-founder of Mindful Health

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With Cary Jack