The Montana Mastermind Epic Camping Adventure 2021 is Sold Out.  


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Epic Camping Adventure



Epic 5 days, 4 nights backcountry camping adventure, hiking in and out 12 miles to base camp


Montana (Fly into Billings Logan Int’l Airport)


July 26th-August 1st, 2021

Arrive on Monday the 26th before 3pm, spend night in Red Lodge, MT

Hike into basecamp on Tuesday the 27th

Hike out on Saturday the 31st, spend night in Red Lodge, MT

Fly out on Sunday the 1st after 9 am 


15 high-performing male entrepreneurs making 6 (minimum), 7 and 8 figures annually who all pass the “beer test”

"You can't continually operate at peak efficiency & creativity if you're working 100% of the time. You need to take time off to refresh and recharge." -Stephen Covey


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Learn the art of fly fishing from expert fly fishermen + get your own fly rod kit to keep

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Learn primitive survival skills from expert survivor 

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Learn how to shoot a primitive longbow & arrow + archery competition

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Business mastermind breakout sessions

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Organic food and drinks prepared by amazing professional backcountry chef

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High-quality professionally shot video & photo content for you to use freely in your business afterwards

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Daily primal biohacker workouts

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Campfire cookouts and stories

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Live music

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Breathwork & Meditations

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Cold plunges

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Gratitude Journaling

Featured Experts

Founder of Ecopreneur Evolution, United Nations Speaker, Climate Reality Fellow, Heart-Centered Bro who will be helping run the business masterminds in the wilderness.

US Marine, Primitive Survival Expert, Founder of Organic Archery, featured on History Channel’s hit show ALONE where he survived in the Arctic. He will be teaching primitive survival skills on how to not only survive but thrive in the wilderness.

Expert Fly Fisherman, Founder of Pescador on the Fly (the fly rod/reel complete combos given to each member attending), and Entrepreneur who will be teaching the art of fly fishing from the basics to reelin’ in the monsters, it’s all covered. 

Frequently asked questions

What do I bring on this Epic Montana Adventure?

You’ll want to bring an array items but know that less is more and noone cares what you look like it the woods, that’s the beauty of it 😉

  • Hiking Boots (comfortable- make sure to break them in ahead of time)
  • Tent – 2 person max (will provide recommendation to group discounted item then its yours to keep)
  • Sleeping bag – rated for 20 degrees (will provide recommendation to group discounted item then its yours to keep)
  • Thermal-Rest (will provide recommendation to group discounted item then its yours to keep)
  • Hiking Backpack 30 Liter min (will provide recommendation to group discounted item then its yours to keep)
  • A pair of Blue Jeans (Wrangler or Carhartt are my recommendation)
  • 2 pairs of hiking cargo pants made of waterproof flexible durable fabric + belt
  • 2 Flannel shirts or durable hiking button-up shirts
  • Waterproof warm jacket
  • 2 dri-fit undershirts
  • 1 long sleeve shirt (layers are always ideal for camping)
  • Cowboy hat, hiking wide-brimmed or baseball cap
  • 3 pairs of warm socks
  • Waterproof shoes/sandals
  • Bathing suit
  • Comfortable shorts (or get hiking pants that zip off at the knees and can double as shorts)
  • Sweat pants for sleeping in
  • Sweater for sleeping in
  • Bear spray (optional as we will have plenty & firearms present but yes, there’s bears)
  • Other items to bring: flashlight/headlamp, sunglasses, camping pillow, pocket knife, water bottle, toiletries, leather gloves, etc.

I don’t know anything about camping or the wilderness, will I get a crash course?

We are going over a wilderness safety, best practices, absolute do’s and don’ts, and much more. There will be a pre-camping video that provides detailed instructions on how to thrive in the wilderness while staying safe. Also, there will be survival experts and professional outdoorsmen present and available to support you and answer your questions. You will learn a ton on this trip (both personally & professionally) while becoming well-prepared to then go camping adventures on your own or with your family in the future!

Who the heck is even going on this Montana Mastermind Epic Camping Adventure?

Only high-level male entrepreneurs who pass the “beer test” are invited. This means you have to actually want to get a beer with them (although the backcountry portion of the trip will be alcohol/drug free). All invitees have been personally vetted and we have strict “no douche-sissy policy” as after all, we will be camping outdoors in the wilderness together. All attendees are making a minimum of 6 figures annually, most 7 and some 8 figure earners. It is an awesome group of heart-centered men who will most likely become your new Happy Hustle Brothers for life after bonding through an adventure such as this.

So you mean I won’t have my phone or laptop for the whole time?

Correct. No phones, no laptops, from the Tuesday morning we hike in until the Saturday evening we hike out. Heck you wouldn’t even get service if you did bring em. It is a digital detox. Time for you to unplug and reconnect with your self, your soul, and nature. As well as the other awesome Happy Hustlers who will be there. However, we will have an amazing videographer and photographer capturing epic content for you and group throughout the entire duration. This content will be yours to use freely for your brand and biz afterwards 🙂

Where will we be camping and what will the temperature be?

We will be in the US Custer Gallatin National Forest in the Beartooth Wilderness near the border of Montana and Wyoming about 70 miles north of Yellowstone National Park. The closest town would be Red Lodge, Montana in case you want to look it up. This town is awesome and was voted one of the top 10 mountain towns in the country. Yes, there is wildlife in this area such as bears (both black & brown), moose, mountain lion, wolves, deer, elk, etc. It will be roughly 75-85 degrees in the day time and 40-50 degrees at night time. Perfect temperature range if you ask me. 

What happens if I get injured in the wilderness?

Well you’re shit out of luck so be smart and move with purpose. Just kidding, we will have a certified medical professional on staff and present at all times and First Aid Kit ready if needed. However, we will be in the back country wilderness (aka National Forest) and that means once you’re in, no motorized vehicles can enter meaning no ambulance is showing up, we gotta get you out and to help. The nearest hospital is roughly an hour away from the trail head so again, be smart as nature is unforgiving. 

Alright already, I’m in! What’s the investment?

Pricing such an epic adventure as the Montana Mastermind has been difficult. However, we want to make this the first of many and at least cover costs. For this initial Summer 2021 trip, the investment for 1 individual to attend is 5k. If you have a friend that is interested in coming (if they apply and are accepted), the price for 2 is 9k (saving $500 off each spot).

Know that minimum 10% of profits will be split up & equally donated to 3 amazing causes: Heroes & Horses 501c3 helping veterans with PTSD, Sea Shepherd 501c3 protecting the oceans and wildlife, and to the nearby Native American Crow Indian Reservation whose land we stole and culture we largely decimated. I truly believe the secret to living is giving as T.Robbins says.

What is included in the Montana Mastermind ticket?

Included in each ticket is healthy meals and drinks for all 5 days in the backcountry, prepared by a professional chef, camping spots, lodging on arrival day and on the night before departure day, a ride to and from the Billings Int’l Airport, a badass fly rod, fly fishing kit, flies, line (everything you need to fish), expert fly fishing classes, expert primitive survival classes, a journal, professional shot video & photo content of you in the backcountry wilderness to use freely, lifelong friends and much more!