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I grew up splitting time between the beaches of Sarasota, Florida and the mountains of Red Lodge, Montana. Ever since an early age, I had a visceral bond with nature. The more time I spent outdoors in it, the more I wanted to protect it.

I am committed to protecting and preserving mother natures wonders and the animals that call it home.

I have multiple intiatives in the pipepline but currently I chose to focus on first fighting the plastic pollution epidemic that is flooding our ecosystems with our company Sustainable Breakthroughs.

Here's 3 easy sustainable hacks I use to help protect Pachamama (mother earth)


Reusable Shopping Bags + Water Bottle

A trillion single-use plastic bags are used each year worldwide, that's nearly 2 million each minute! The amount of energy required to make 12 plastic shopping bags could drive a car for a mile. I personally utilize reusable bags for all of my shopping needs to help reduce single-use plastic. Also get yourself a resuable water bottle!


Be a Conscious Consumer

Vote with your dollar, and become a conscious consumer. Choose to support B corporations, fair trade, organic, rain forest alliance and your local mom and pop shops! Every day your buying decisions matter and influence not only those around you but the economy at large!


Reusable Cutlery
and Straws

I use an  Ecopack from Sustainable Breakthroughs every day.  I take it everywhere with me, especially when traveling.  A stainless steel spork, straw, and straw cleaner are included in every washable to-go pouch. Each pack helps keep 1168 plastic straws and 250 plastic utensils from entering the ocean each year!  Support a good cause and join me and the tribe of eco-warriors.

Remember love the earth, it's the only one we have 🙂

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The world needs changemakers like you to use the power of business as a force for good and help restore harmony on our planet! We will teach you how to create a business within the sacred balance between people, planet and profit. Ready to create an Ecobusiness that increases your income and impact? Learn how by joining the Ecopreneur Evolution Course!

What is an EcoCenter?

An upcycled innovation center to create scalable earth-saving solutions from plastic waste.

A mini- recycling facility with an online curriculum, all the necessary tools, and investment strategies to create opportunities for the initiation of sustainable businesses out of upcycled plastic waste.

What is inside an EcoCenter?

All the necessary tools and resources to start a sustainable business from plastic waste.