Eco Warrior in'

Cary Jack


I grew up splitting time between the beaches of Sarasota, Florida and the mountains of Red Lodge, Montana. Ever since an early age, I had a visceral bond with nature. The more time I spent outdoors in it, the more I wanted to protect it.

I am committed to protecting and preserving mother natures wonders and the animals that call it home.

I have multiple intiatives in the pipepline but currently I chose to focus on first fighting the plastic pollution epidemic that is flooding our ecosystems with our company Sustainable Breakthroughs.

Here's 3 easy sustainable hacks I use to help protect Pachamama (mother earth)


Reusable Shopping Bags + Water Bottle

A trillion single-use plastic bags are used each year worldwide, that's nearly 2 million each minute! The amount of energy required to make 12 plastic shopping bags could drive a car for a mile. I personally utilize reusable bags for all of my shopping needs to help reduce single-use plastic. Also get yourself a resuable water bottle!



A vegetarian diet can be extremely beneficial for your health but it makes a huge change on the planet!
Less Meat = Less Heat. Helping limit climate change contributions from large scale meat production. I eat vegetarian a minimum three times a week... especially on Meatless Monday 😉


Reusable Cutlery
and Straws

I use an  Ecopack from Sustainable Breakthroughs every day.  I take it everywhere with me, especially when traveling.  A stainless steel spork, straw, and straw cleaner are included in every washable to-go pouch. Each pack helps keep 1168 plastic straws and 250 plastic utensils from entering the ocean each year!  Support a good cause and join me and the tribe of eco-warriors.

Vote with your dollar, and become a conscious consumer. Choose to support B corporations, fair trade, organic, rain forest alliance and your local mom and pop shops!

Remember love the earth, it's the only one we have 🙂

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The world needs changemakers like you to use the power of business as a force for good and help restore harmony on our planet! We will teach you how to create a business within the sacred balance between people, planet and profit. Ready to create an Ecobusiness that increases your income and impact? Learn how by joining the Ecopreneur Evolution Course!