Here’s what is included in the Club’s VIP tier:


Learning Portal Access ($97 value)

Get access to our signature online course, The Journey: 10 Days to Become a Happy Hustler and updated expert trainings and content!


Happy Hustle Swag Package ($67 value)

A swag Happy Hustle Hat, Blissful Balancer
Fridge Magnet, and the Happy Hustle book and audio book.


Happy Hustle Club Community 
(Priceless value 😉

Connect & network with other rockstar Happy Hustlin’ entrepreneurs in a unique way so we all can grow together.


Monthly Selfless Service Program

Designed to give back to others and causes we believe in. We all give time, money, and/or expertise to help those less fortunate. As T. Robbins says “The secret to living is giving.”


Bi-weekly Group Trainings 
($999 a month value)

hour, bi-weekly trainings with Cary Jack, deep diving into each of the 10 Alignments with entertaining and educational trainings.


Monthly Group Hot Seat Session  ($497 value)

Get dissected (in a good way) and receive invaluable feedback by The Club members in order to help you on your Happy Hustlin’ journey!


Monthly Guest Guru Training w/ Q&A ($??????k value)

1 hour, once a month expert trainings with rockstar industry leading Happy Hustlin’ entrepreneurs who will share their wisdom on specific topics to help you and your biz thrive!


Monthly Cash Accountability Challenges

Put your money where your mouth is and bet on yourself! Win cash prizes by filling out the Blissful Balancer each week and actually doing what you said you were going to.


VIP Network access

Introductions to Cary Jack’s VIP network rolodex.


2 Mastermind Epic Events Included ($13k+ value)

Attend 2 Mastermind Epic Events and connect with a like-minded community of Happy Hustlin’ entrepreneurs to help you create your dream reality.


Discount on other Mastermind Epic Events

Up to 50% discount on other Happy Hustle Mastermind Epic Events. Come to as many as you’d like!