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Episode #23

Unlock your Spiritual Greatness and Awaken True Consciousness with Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Guide, and Professional Actor/Model Kevin Walton

Connect Deeper, Be Present, Love Fully

Show Notes

In this episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, Kevin and Cary discuss how to Happy Hustle a life of total prosperity including all things health, wealth, and spirituality while remaining present and connected.

Kevin Walton is a transformation specialist, spiritual guide, activation speaker, and professional actor/model. He is the creator of The Light Beings community which helps awakens consciousness and tap into source energy. He is also the star of the new BET show Sista’s and can be seen in movies like Step Up 2, Hunted by The Night, and Know Thy Enemy among countless national TV commercials for international brands.

Kevin and I go deep in this episiode!

We even go through a couple of various exercises that will allow you to center and check in with your higher self while tapping into present stillness.

You guys are going to love his vibe and what he stands for. He is a brother and definitely a Happy Hustler.

Love and light fam!

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