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Episode #14

The 2 NOT So Secrets to Success

Persistent Consistency. Turning Failure into Fertilizer.

Show Notes

In this solo episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, I discuss the 2 Not So Secrets to Success. Persistent Consistency and Turning Your Failures into Fertilizer.

People always want to know the secrets to success. The get rich quick schemes. How to make it BIG without having to put in BIG effort. Well, in this episode we go over the 2 secrets to success, that really aren’t secrets because you probably have already heard of them in one form or another. Even though “the cat is out of the bag” on these 2 secrets; still the majority fail to implement the following principles. But YOU are different. YOU are a Happy Hustler.

If you’re looking to Happy Hustle a life of passion and purpose well then these 2 not so secrets will help!

1️)Persistent Consistency

Let’s face it, if you are out their attempting something great, adversity will inevitably arise! That is when we must utilize persistent consistency to overcome those trials and tribulations, focus and continue onward with our intentions. Pushing past the struggles with deliberate daily commitments. That is persistent consistency.

2️)Turn Failure into Fertilizer

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that those who succeed learn from their mistakes and apply those lessons when they get back up from being knocked down.

It is said most entrepreneurs fail at least 4 times before succeeding. In order to succeed, not only do you have to persevere past failures but you must learn from that failure and apply the lesson as fertilizer to help you grow!

Use persistent consistency to motor past the inevitable adversities that will arise on your journey.

Turn failures into fertilizer for future achievement.

These two concepts alone could change the course of your life from this day forward if applied.

So dive in and enjoy this epsiode of the Happy Hustle Podcast.

Love and Light fam!


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