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Episode #46

Successfully Coexisting through Quarantine with your Partner- Happy Hustle Hacks to Create More Peace & Love with my Beautiful Lover, Steph Hernandez

Communication. Trust. Respect. Love. Fun!

Show Notes

In this episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, Stephanie (my partner of 4 ½ years) and I go deep on how to successfully coexist throughout the quarantine and Happy Hustle more love and peace in your relationship!

Join Stephanie and I as we discuss how we managed to not kill each other throughout the quarantine and actually have created more love and connection throughout the process! ❤️

We have been together years and have experienced plenty of adversity, but we have persevered and come out stronger because of it! 💑

Here are some easy Happy Hustle Hacks you can implement in your relationship.💯

Hope you dig this live recording of The Happy Hustle Podcast.😜

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Love and light fam!

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