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Episode #22

Skill Acquisition is the Name of the Game from Tom Bilyeu

Learn New Skills and Grow Everyday

Show Notes

In this solo episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, I get into my biggest takeaways from Tom Bilyeu’s keynote speech at Funnel Hacking Live in Nashville. Among many other awesome takeaways, he mentioned that learing new skills in really the name of the game and growing everyday is essential for success.

Some other key takeaways were:

Humans are the ultimate adaptation machine.

Your not good enough, yet!

Judge yourself through the lens of a lifetime, not a moment.

Failure is the most information rich data stream that exists.

Tom is a best-selling author, co-founder and host of a powerful show and podcast called @impacttheory. He is co-founder of the food and health brand Quest Nutrition. @questnutrition. And creator of Impact Theory University which is all about igniting human potential.

In this epsiode, I also get into some quick takeaways from one of the OG’s of digital marketing, Frank Kern’s keynote speech.

Your going to dig this episode!

Love and Light fam!

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