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Episode #64

Put the Fires Out In Your Life with Cary Jack

Handle Problems Head On.

Show Notes

In this episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, I discuss the value of putting out the fires in your life head on with effective solutions. I share a story of when I recently had to fight a forest fire on the ranch in the middle of Montana. The fire was caused by a lightning strike and threatened the land and the lives of neighboring cattle. We had to act fast as a team, create an effective strategy and put out the fire.

3 hours later, after choking on smoke, thankfully we ended up controlling the fire.

We smothered it by shoveling dirt, chainsawing trees to prevent the spread, using backpack sprayers and a hose connected to a 100 gallon tank on the ATV.

Reminded me of business and putting out fires, aka solving problems with quick, effective solutions.

Whether there’s a fire in your relationship, your career, your business, or your personal life, don’t let it smolder. Act fast and face the problem with effective solutions.

Think through the problem and create an innovative effective solution.

Don’t let the fire smolder, square up and face it.

You’ll be better off when you do.

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Love and light fam!

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