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Episode #29

Miss Universe and Mr International share How to Win in Life and Strategies to Keep a Positive Attitude While Happy Hustlin' For Your Dreams with Entrepreneurial Power Couple, Authors, Travelers and Philanthropist Natalie Glebova and Dean Kelly

Give, and Celebrate Everyday!

Show Notes

In this special power couple episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast Natalie, Dean and I go deep on fostering a winning mindset and how happy hustle for your dreams while enjoying the journey along the way!

We discuss all things spirituality, health, wealth, entrperenuership, relationships, meditation, and so much more!

Ya’ll are going to totally dig this episode! Natalie and Dean’s energy is electric and contagious!

Natalie Glebova is an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and public figure, who is presently focused on winning-mindset coaching. FormerMiss Universeand UN Women advocate, she is very passionate about empowering her audience to live life as winners while continuously improving.

Using success principles she’s learned from world’s top coaches such as Tony Robbins and Simon Sinek, her personal role-models, Natalie became successful in many areas of her life including career, relationships, and personal fitness. She has launched her own brand of perfume BEAUTY ICON, ran a wellness blog HHB Life, became a best-selling author with her books Healthy Happy Beautifuland I Am Winning – A Guide to Personal Empowermentand pursued her life-long passion for music by starting to DJ.

As an avid entrepreneur, she co-founded an online startup – Travelbook™ with her husband Dean, a travel-sharing platform that connects travelers through their experiences ( Her current focus is on her online and offline coaching and courses helping others to be winners in life.

Dean Kelly is the Founder of Travelbook – a Travel Bloggers Community. He brings to the business over 20 years experience at the management level in the hospitality, sales, tech, and social media industries. Dean’s professional career also spans geographies – he’s worked around the world including in Singapore, New York, Barcelona, and Dubai. He’s now living in the pristine turquoise waters at Phuket, Thailand.

A former Mr. Panama, Entrepreneur, International Model, and Avid traveler (he’s visited 90 countries and counting), Dean now makes Bangkok his home with his wife, Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova, and their daughter Maya Kelly Glebova.

This is one of my personal favorites interviews thus far! They both drop value bombs non-stop and are indeed Happy Hustler’s!

Now sit back and enjoy this epsiode of The Happy Hustle Podcast 🙂

Love and light fam!

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