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Episode #36

Holistic Remedies To Protect and Treat Against COVID-19 with PSc.D of Holistic Medicine and Therasage Co-Founder/Lead Device Developer Robby Besner

Stay Woke. Stay Healthy.

Show Notes

In this episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, Robby and I discuss Holistic Remedies to Protect and Treat Against COVID-19.

Robby Besner is a PSc.D of Holistic Medicine and Co-Founder and Lead Device Developer of Therasage.

Robby shares very valuable information regarding the virus in this epsiode.

If you want to protect yourself, listen and apply these strategies!

Share this episode with your loved ones, so we can protect more people with these hollisitic remedies.

Some of the supplements Robby reccomends are:

Vitamin D + K2, Vitamin C, Agromax, Colloidal Silver, Nebulizer, Glutathione, Therasage 360 Infared Sauna, and more.

Check outwww.therasage.comto get yourself an infrared sauna and some of the other biohacks mentioned- code: “HAPPY” saves 10% on everything!

For more check

Love and light ya’ll!


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