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Episode #11

Master Your Money and the High-Ticket Sales Process in 2020 with one the best salesman in the game Randall Grizzle

Grateful. Integrity. Value. Energy.

Show Notes

In this epsiode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, Cary and Randy discuss all things high-ticket sales and how to master the process.

Sales are the life blood of any business and in this epsiode you will learn what it takes to close deals in your business and life.

It’s 2020 and go time so learn from the best!

Randall Grizzle spent the past 15 years on the phone, closing high ticket deals. He has closed nearly 20 million dollar personally for some of the top marketers in the world. He created Closer Secrets to help bridge the gap between the business owner and sales professional. Randall helps closers level up their game and provides business owners with solutions for their sales and conversions of high ticket items. Closer Secrets closing 6-figures in sales, weekly, for their clients.

Randall is highly motivated and focuses on staying in moment. Among Randall’s credentials he is an author, speaker, and has created a digital course to help business owners and sales professionals gain confidence and clarity with the High Ticket Sales Process.

For more info on Randy and this episode check out

Enjoy this epsiode of the Happy Hustle Podcast!


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