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Episode #1

The Happy Hustler Manifesto

Are you a Happy Hustler? Listen and find out...

Show Notes

In this first episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, I wanted to kick things off by sharing with you The Happy Hustler’s Manifesto. This is the Happy Hustler’s bible. The north star. The light at the end of the tunnel. The definition of a Happy Hustler. You get the point. So sit back and enjoy this first episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast. I hope that these statements resonate with you and that you can now identify as the Happy Hustler you are!​

The Happy Hustler Manifesto

A Happy Hustler adds value first and foremost.

A Happy Hustler gives for no reason and helps others get what they want.

A Happy Hustler always finds a way in…

A Happy Hustler doesn’t hear the word no, but rather maybe.

A Happy Hustler doesn’t let the system hold them back but uses it to their advantage.

A Happy Hustler doesn’t break the law or engage with those that do.

A Happy Hustler doesn’t let finances hold them back.

A Happy Hustler uses resources wisely.

A Happy Hustler is consciously aware of the present moment.

A Happy Hustler has a vision and specific ordered goals to achieve that vision.

A Happy Hustler is kind to everyone, despite appearance, race, religion, external judgment.

A Happy Hustler is strong, both mentally and physically.

A Happy Hustler takes care of their body and sees health as a priority.

A Happy Hustler has discipline and utilizes laser focus.

A Happy Hustler thinks about the consequence before committing the action.

A Happy Hustler smiles… often.

A Happy Hustler doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

A Happy Hustler creates opportunity and seizes it when it arises.

A Happy Hustler doesn’t waiver on their morals.

A Happy Hustler has integrity and does what they say they’re going to do.

A Happy Hustler forgives but doesn’t forget.

A Happy Hustler learns from their mistakes.

A Happy Hustler protects their time with diligence.

A Happy Hustler is not one to accept disrespect.

A Happy Hustler holds themselves accountable.

A Happy Hustler surrounds themselves with positive influences.

A Happy Hustler constantly practices an attitude of gratitude.

How do you Happy Hustle?

Check out for a downloadable version of the Happy Hustler’s Manifesto!

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