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Episode #33

Do What You Love and It Will Never Feel Like Work With Professional Model/Actor, Entrepreneur, Artist Lee DahlBerg

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Show Notes

In this epsiode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, Cary and Lee discuss happy hustlin’ a life of passion, purpose, and a positive impact.

Lee Dahlberg is a professional model/actor of 31 years and has worked for some of the biggest brands and talent agencies in the world. Lee is the founder Rockband jewlry company. He was featured on the hit show, Sharktank and landed a deal with Mark Cuban and Daymond John. Lee is an artist and custom furniture builder who sells his art through Lee wrote a tv series script and just inked a deal with Netflix for the production. Lee resides in sunny south Florida with his dog Bob Marley and spreads kindness and good vibes to all he meets.

I actually lived with Lee for multiple years and am grateful to call him a mentor and brother.

You guys are going to dig this interview with Lee!

He has some of the most entertaining stories around and drops value bombs throughout the entire episode!

Love and light fam!

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