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Episode #27

Create a Healthier World using Gear Sharing with Entrepreneur, Fitness Expert Reed Clanahan

Health and Happiness Go Together

Show Notes

In this episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, Cary and Reed go deep on how to create a healthier world using gear sharing and the mission behind the movement.

Reed Clanahan is an entreprenuer, fitness expert and real estate investor. He is an awesome dude and defintely a Happy Hustler!

Reed just launched his Indie Go Go campaign for his Gear Sharing fitness product! Check it out and support a good cause!

Reed’s background consists of working in just about any fitness setting you can imagine including Coors Corporate Wellness office as well as growing what would later become the largest collegiate Small Group Training Program at the University of Florida; which encompasses several types of fitness formats and several hundred thousand dollars of fitness equipment.

Reed has also worked with nationally accredited certifying bodies to develop the first collegiate small group training course and has experience public speaking as well as coaching fitness professionals across various fitness formats.

Since Reed left the University of Florida, where he received his Master’s in Entrepreneurship, he has since been developing fitness gear and the concept on the side. Gear Sharing™ has enabled Reed to host promotional Pop-Up events with various Tier 1 national brand and Fitness influencers.

Through Gear Sharing™ – Fitness Pop-Up Events are now accessible for multiple types of boutique fitness genres.

Reed also works for Class Pass handiling partnerships.

You guys are going to dig this episode and Reed’s vibe!

Love and Light fam!


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