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Episode #65

Breakthrough Mental Barriers and Rewire Your Beliefs with Performance + Mental Conditioning Coach and Entrepreneur, Dr. Jen Faber

Thoughts Becomes Things.

Show Notes

In this episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, Dr. Jen and I go deep on the hgih- performance mindset to Happy Hustle success and to rewire your beliefs!

Dr. Jen Faber (pronounced Fah-ber), DC is a performance and mental conditioning coach, working with elite athletes, Olympic competitors, and sports professionals. She helps clients train their mind as hard as their body to create world-class results. Dr. Jen is the author of Know or Be Told; How Identity Defines Success and founder of World Class Nation, an online mental conditioning membership designed to help high-performing athletes gain a unique advantage to win. Throughout her career Dr. Jen has worked with NFL players, Triathletes, The Lady Gaga Tour, Broadway Performers, The Washington Ballet, The Kennedy Center, National Geographic.

In this interview we discuss:

-How athletes can gain a competitive edge
-Why mental conditioning for everyone is so vital for success
-How to develop bulletproof confidence and reject critics
-How to turn a weakness into strength
-Why identity is the foundation for a mindset wired to win

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Love and light fam!

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