Cary Jack

I grew up splitting time on the beaches of Sarasota, Florida and in the mountains of Red Lodge, Montana. The son of two entrepreneurial parents, I knew from an early age that I would forge my own path. So I set out to do so, while living a life of passion and purpose. I am so grateful for the adversity for it has made me stronger as it wasn’t always peaches and cream…

Coming from a divorced home, filled with hostility, I fostered problems of my own at an early age. I had an extreme stutter, OCD, and anger problems. I turned to self-abuse and used to bang my head into walls (which probably explains a lot lol). I went to years of counseling and got kicked out of multiple schools. I moved homes 24 times as a kid due to my mother’s sickness and was far from stable.

I got involved in plenty of mischief while growing up, most of which I’ll leave off this site, but I learned many lessons the hard way. I ultimately failed forward and decided to trade my life of hustlin’ for a life of happy hustlin’ where I vowed to use my powers for good.


My goal as a kid was to become a professional soccer player and represent the USA in the World Cup. 

Although that dream was derailed due to a re-occurring injuries (broken ankle and torn ACL), I did earn a college scholarship to play in college and enjoyed a short semi-pro career in Barcelona. Regardless, sports have always been a part of my life. I also played baseball, football (admittingly, just to wear the jersey to class on gameday and get a date with the high school head cheerleader), basketball, and rugby. 

I did also play college rugby, which I quickly realized after getting punched in the d*ck and getting a bloody nose within the first 5 minutes of my first game, that this sport was no f*cking joke! I now regularly enjoy pick up co-ed sports and men’s league soccer where I still GO HARD. What can I say, I love to compete/win 😉

Martial artist

In addition to sports, I have trained various martial arts on and off since I was a kid. Learning kung fu and tai chi from a world-renowed master set the tone, then I took up jui jitsu, boxing, mma, (before losing a large modeling contract due to a black eye, I realized mma doesn’t bode well with modeling, lol).

 I most recently have dove into krav maga, Israel’s special forces survival system and it is my new favorite activity, maximum damage with maximum efficiency.

Outdoorsman & Cowboy

I love the outdoors and if I had it my way I would live in nature. Unfortunately living in the woods doesn’t correlate well with making a positive global impact and adding value to humanity, so for now I’ll stay put in society. However, hiking, horseback riding, fly fishing (big fan of catch and release), camping and hunting (only kill enough to eat) are amongst my favorite activities. 

It is an integral part of who I am at my core and I would feel remised if I did not mention it on this page. I also host an annual horseback mastermind so if you’re feeling froggy, giddy up and apply here.


I have been biohacking the human body, mind and spirit for multiple years now. I love pushing myself and optimizing my performance. 

This usually entails freezing cold ice baths, extremely hot saunas, coffee enemas (yes, butt stuff), along with cutting edge protocols such as stem cell injections, NAD +, iv drips and various modern scientific protocols that have their roots based in ancient wisdom. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can optimize your health, I would highly recommend checking out our company website BiohackingSecrets.com.


I have also had a passion for business. Whether negotiating a purchase or selling a product, the art of the deal has been an infatuation for me. I knew I was going to have my own business ever since the first lawn I cut in exchange for $2.

 Since then, I have had technically 4 start-ups, 3 failing epically, but learning all the while. I now am blessed to say I am an actual entrepreneur, not a want-treprenuer, and live life (mostly) on my terms.

With that being said, I am here to serve you! I love helping others and urge you to check out my podcast The Happy Hustle where I share my Happy Hustle Hacks and how you can also live a life of passion and purpose!

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